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Pri-mat is the contraction of 2 words: prima materia (Latin) meaning "First materials".

We offer the largest selection of certified and selected old building materials, whether in their own juice or restored to renovate or build your home to your image.

Passionate about interior architecture, Pri-Mat makes a point of honor to reference certified old building materials to make the most of the authenticity and the quality of the old materials in order to arrange your interior with character.

Authenticity to personalize your interior to your image

To decorate its interior with a unique look, we offer unique pieces.

We refer to a wide choice of old windows, old doors passing by old washbasins or antique fireplaces in empire style marble or old Louis XIV cast iron bathtubs in their juice or restored.

With Pri-Mat you decorate your home with an exclusive look, enough to make envy the fans of the supermarket.

Thanks to the unique pieces of Pri-Mat you dress your home with real pieces of history of France.

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Pri-mat est la contraction de 2 mots: prima materia (en latin) signifiant "Premiers matériaux". Nous vous proposons le plus grand choix de matériaux de construction anciens certifiés et sélectionnés, qu'ils soient dans leur jus ou restaurés afin de rénover ou de construire votre habitat à votre image.

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